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The Lion, the witch and the whole new wardrobe

A journey of awakening, going backwards before we go forwards, a lion guide and a whole new wardrobe. (Again).

My word. What a journey this is turning out to be.

All my life I dreamt of life on Earth changing, that Heaven would come down. Little did I know how challenging it would be on all fronts. No-one said was going to be easy. I guess that’s why I resisted fully grounding for so long.

It seems every day brings new insights and the more we can observe, being the witness without judgement (not alway so easy in my past), the easier it truly is. However, it doesn’t mean it’s always so comfy staring in the face of your shadows as they arise.

Seeing yourself is a lot easier when you have some helpful spirit guides however, because they don't have the self-flagellation thing going on... They have a gentle way of seeing you, no judgement, and often with a succinct way of putting it that I wished I was able to see years ago!

I’m out walking and tune in and BAM there’s a lion walking by my side, or a dragon flying beside me. It’s a true gift of our inner sight to behold these fabulous emanations from the spirit world. Often though, I’m not sure what to say or ask. Here I am with a beautiful being and I look on agog. I realised this morning that pretty much sums me up with the whole “life” thing. Here we are with a canvas on which to create any thing we can dream and allow in to our field of being, and what do I create?

Apparently the best I can do is a weeny flat, with a great view, if it wasn’t for the old people’s home bang in the middle of it. What does that tell me about what is blocking my life and path, I wonder….? My love life is all but non-existent, because apparently my coaching and writing business is more important that allowing love in to my life. (I am well aware that that is only a belief, and not an actually truth!), and my life seems to consist of writing, working a short walk in the country, before getting back on with writing again.

Really, Caroline is that all you can create?

How can I seem to have the knowing that we are creator beings and yet allow so little in to my own world? Do I really allow so little self-love in to my life?… That's where shadow work comes in, and checking in with our beliefs. Do we believe we are allowed an awesome life? Do we believe in true love? Do we believe we really can have a fantastic life?

My journey has been to ground, bring myself back here, and clear out the old way.... The whole new wardrobe is testament to that. With every rebirth I encounter and there have been many in this life, I clear out my closet and start again. This winter’s theme was getting “modern”. Away with the hippy, away with anything that takes me outside of the here and now. Because for a lot of my life, I’ve chosen to be anything BUT here and now. Other cultures, other lives, other dimensions, that’s where I’ve been most happy.

So here I am. Here and now. Bringing my soul fully alive here on Earth, It wasn’t going to be easy. We’re changing history, releasing the pain of our ancestors and setting about creating the heaven on Earth we’re all dreaming about. And is starts with ourselves. Forget about wishing the politicians were different. How about US being different.

Oh. Shit. That takes work. I can’t just be a witch in the middle ages again? No? Ok.

Note to self. Start enjoying life. Yes, that’s the one. Now… what do I want to create again?…..

Lion, could you come help me for a while?….

How to build your new life 101:

Dream it up - let your soul fill you will ideas that are beyond there here now, and are not limited by your current financial situation...

Create an action plan - make some steps for THIS year, and let the big goals sit in a 5 or 10 year vision (Success is inevitable says Christian Mickelson, but perhaps not all in one month!)

Take an action step every day! - small steps build to big changes.

Celebrate every little movement forwards - you may think you're not getting anywhere. Then you look back just a week or a month. THEN you can see the change. Look back a YEAR ago!?

Give thanks for everything! - It doesn't matter how small, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. On top of that, give thanks for all that is YOURS to receive. The universe wants to provide, so open up and let it deliver! Giving thanks for it all coming to you is one awesome way to align to the life of our dreams...

If you'd like help dreaming up YOUR ideal life, and creating an action plan to get you there...sign up for a FREE intro session. Apparently I'm good at helping others find direction in THEIR life!....And am starting to do the same for my own ;)

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