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November 8, 2017

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Who'd have thought a train trip could bring so much healing....

May 24, 2018

After years of thinking I must have it all wrong, yesterday I really understood how absurd is is to think that as adults we should really "know it all", or we'd ever really "get there". How absurd it was to think that the adults we saw growing up were really so bold as the facade they were wearing.


Thank goodness for the self-help movement, where you can admit your "stuff", and the quicker you do, the better, because you can love it, learn from it, and move on....  No more blagging. Just admit your stuff.... own it with bells on, then get on with enjoying life again... 


So what were my struggles yesterday when I wrote this blog?...


A few weeks ago I pranged my car, instantly feeling the message from Spirit: “Stop cutting corners!”.. I'm totally cool with admitting this  was the cause of said prang. I sat with the realisation I'd also done that in every other aspect in my life... As though not quite getting the speed of Earth life? Of course yet another "grounding" gift is slowing down, out of fight or flight, and surrendering to "what is"....  


Cut to yesterday, said car waiting outside my house to get collected, and I’m sat on a train on the way to a meeting. So, what’s the issue?


For as long as I can remember I’ve had train-travel anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to travel, I love adventure, I love to meet new people, see new places, but there’s always been HUGE bubble of nerves, well feelings, as soon as I even look at trains, stations or ticket machines!


Why? A few years ago, I let myself journey in to the feeling and it took me to a scene of going to war and traveling with a feeling that there was death abound. Whether past life or inherited trauma it matters, not. What really matters is, I’ve avoided train travel most of my life, and with it, all the associated feelings. And that little inner trip didn't clear all the energy that was coming up yesterday as I waited at the station for the train to appear...  





So what do we do with these feelings?


Coaching legend Christian Mickelson uses the Peace process - literally sitting WITH the feeling, not ignoring. Not just being present, but being present IN the feeling. Hence allowing the feeling, literally feeling every last drop of feelings that are arising until it's burnt out. 


By dropping in to the body, and finding the core of the feeling, we literally bring “light”, our conscious awareness in to the body, and unravel any deep contraction that we’ve been holding on to. As I wrote this, I felt layers of my glutes relaxing, areas of my posterior I’d not felt for years!      


To find out about the Peace Process, my favourite modality of upping our “chi” and releasing old energy, go here….


So what was the healing as I grounded in to my body? 


Nothing much to a lot of people... sitting on a train and not wanting to scream, or shut down...  talking to the conductor without wanting to punch him, or the nearest person because my energy was just too overwhelming...I'm not really sure where this energy came from, I'm not sure it really matters... but I'm bloody glad I pranged my car if only for this one experince and the opportunity to face my feelings...  


Of course, in energy speak, I've dissociated a great deal during my life. This means I was tenuously in my body at best, and all sorts of other energies were lurking in there... It's a blessings that gives psychic experiences, however, because of this, it's the more mundane experiences of life here on Earth I've really struggled with. So whilst I was enjoying contemplating energy, life, love and the universe, it's time to catch up and "drop in"...   






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"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; suddenly you are doing the impossible." - Francis of Assisi