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Pets and Pregnancy....

It was with much interest that I listened to the radio this morning whilst doing a little working out….

You might think, nothing unusual there. For me though, I’ve not owned a radio in... Hmm. I can’t even remember and I purchased this one in the last few months, feeling that it could be useful to hear what’s going on “out there”. And, literally, after 10 minutes listening, I remember why I cannot listen to it for very long at a time!

Being intuitive and empathic, I can both understand what the person who is speaking is “hiding”, as in, what grief, sadness or other emotional energy they are carrying, and I can also usually feel the feeling myself, if I’m not careful! Not such fun when you're wanting to chill out and do a little work out!

And so today, when two interesting topics came up, and both of which I’ve received Spirit's guidance about, I knew I had to write a little after all it's been some time since uploading a blog.

Hot Topic number 1 - Pets and grief - What are we really grieving?

So cue presenters not-so-well hidden surprise at how people feel so much grief when they lose their pets, to the extent that many have frozen them in their home freezer. A few listeners had phoned in with support and empathy for TV presenter Chris Packham who had, during 2017, frozen his pet, unable to process the grief and loss he felt for his beloved animal.

Now, from young I didn’t really understand people's immense grief - I had an inner knowing of the other realms and felt that once beings died, they were in a different place, their energy still “around” if needed, and I was unable to see why people made such a fuss.

Cut to radio show and of course, the people talking were not connecting their lose to the spirit world, and so perhaps don’t realise the spirit of the deceased animal, like any loved one, will be with them in spirit, should they “need” them.

However, the more fundamental, and tangible issue, if you like, is really “what are the people really grieving?” Having done a deep meditation for 4 hours last night, I randomly picked up a book I’d forgotten I was reading, and the page mentioned the “language of love”. I’ve heard about this before and evidently not done enough work - for I recognised my own language of love is “being listened to”. Anyone who’s met me knows I can talk for England, and today it was the day to go “Ahhhhhhhhh!… NOW I know why!”. So for years I had unconciously been seeking to "fill my love cup" by someone listening to me! *slaps head*.... cliche right?

What is the relevance to the pets and grief you might ask?

When we miss someone, what we are really missing is the love we feel they “give us”; something about that person, place, pet or thing gives us the feeling of being “whole”. It’s why we can get so easily hooked on people! And so it is really showing up the emptiness that is already there within a person. For when we are whole, or shall we say, connected to Spirit within and without, we know that everything comes to pass everything comes and goes, and there is no real loss, just change. After all, nothing lasts forever, right?

Though this may sound callous or cold, it is really looking at the deeper sadness that has been so prevalent in the West and led to us all being addicted to this, that or the other! And a pet's love may look innocuous, and nothing to do with addiction or lack of inner love, but the degree to which someone grieves may reflect the degree to which they are missing some part of their self.... something to think on.. if only there had been a phone in number... but perhaps the listeners of Radio 2 are not quite ready for full blown spiritual analysis of loss, grief and the spirit world?....

...a little bit too much for Radio 2 do you think?!!!

Hot topic number 2 - Morning Sickness - What is really happening energetically?

Next, the droning radio presenter told us about "poor" Princess Kate’s extreme morning sickness...

Now, before I begin I’ll just introduce my understandings a little more…. From young I had this distinct feeling we could heal from everything if only we knew what was going on. Further, illness is our body's way of telling us something - that we are out of alignment with our truth, our soul, our divine essence. And so, having studied and looked in to many healing modalities, and oh the joy of the internet, I realise that, my view is holistic, shamanic, or spiritual you might say, and many, many people also have this understanding of illness.

Therefore, upon pondering why some women get morning sickness, the answer popped in to my head (as it does when I get a message from Spirit)… And what is the answer?

The soul of the being that is coming to incarnate on Earth, is "fresh", meaning that they are free from the low vibrations of Earth, coming in with their beautiful high vibrational, loving soul. And often, their energy will bring a great healing to the mother. If the mother is living in alignment, eating healthily, and doesn’t need a “shake up”, then the pregnancy is likely to go pretty smoothly. For others, the “illness” is a message from Spirit.

Similarly, when people go on holiday and get ill - it’s nothing to do with holiday food or a bug in the air, it’s simply because they’ve relaxed and their body is going in to healing crisis. Go for a massage and you will be told - drink plenty of water because you will want to wash through the toxins the massage releases, otherwise you are at risk of a healing crisis!.... The same goes with having a baby!

Any unresolved emotional gack that is hanging around our system, our soul wants to clear. Sometimes we get an accident and we are “laid up” or receive a profound message - as I did when I fell off a horse and broke my sacrum. Other times simply resting allows us to realign, clear out, and start again with a fresh perspective.

Bless these mothers who struggle with their pregnancy, and bless the mother that phoned in and admitted she could not bear it and had a termination. If I had a wish, it would be that every person suffering an illness could listen to their soul and do the detective work - for there will be gifts from the soul, lessons to learn and a new avenue of life - if we are open to hear it!

And similarly for me, something has shifted this Christmas. Having had lower back pain for a good few months of this year, and always one to look in to the root causes, rather than taking pain killers, I discovered quite how much I didn’t trust myself or the universe to provide for me. Much meditating and deep listening later, I realise I had failed to “do the work” myself, that I actually needed and wanted to do, to build my career, and so the trust was unfounded - I simply was not quite ready years ago, to do what I do today. And there is no need to beat on myself, or the universe for that matter! And now? No back pain, yoga is back, and I’m in my body, ready to get coaching!

Our body is a wonderful temple of our soul.. .and brings with it many messages if we dare to look!

#Ourbodyasamessenger #griefandloss

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