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How I got it wrong...

WOW! What an epic time… After years of talking about “stripping off layers”, I’m getting to some really crunchy bits, deep down, that have held me back for a long, long time…

I have just read 3 or 4 articles about “not needing to be right”. Slowly it started to wake something up inside…and I am grateful that I’m in a place to really laugh at myself, and then move on. Or write a blog about it, just for good measure.

Paradoxically, these deep old fears that I just couldn’t put my finger on, were about getting things “wrong”. And now I see my processing of such fears has been “wrong”… Just too funny. Too funny for words….

Here’s why. I always wanted to know "why?"! Where did it come from, why was it there? Why did it happen to me?….And were these reasons right or wrong? Now? I don't mind either way....

It would seem that all the people telling me “you think too much” were right. (Frankly sometimes I wanted to say, “Perhaps you could think a little more?”.. but that’s another story.) However, in this case. Yes. I admit. Wait for it. I WAS WRONG….Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong ….

And suddenly I am lighter. Suddenly I am just a normal person getting on with her life. Bloody hell. I think my two worlds have merged. The one where I am wrong and bad and shameful and need to get help, and the other me that is normal, adjusted, grounded, a little bit wise (but I could be wrong), and someone who just wants to help people feel better and not feel crazy.....

What a difference a day makes...

#lettinggo #beingwrong

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