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I'm a firm believer in getting all the help we need on our journey. Finding out about our Natal Chart helps us navigate our very unique nature as we walk through this delicate, challenging and awesome time on Earth.   

The reading I had with DK was fantastic, and absolutely validate the experiences I've had thoroughout my life as not only a truth seeker, but a truth SPEAKER! Strong "Alein Patterns" in my chart give a challenging yet fun outlook, and I highly recommend anyone on "the path" to get as much information about their incarnation as possible!   

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#EMERGING PROUD: Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

Lead by Katie Mottram, former Mental Health worker, turned experiencer began this campaign, to "reframe mental distress as a possible transformation process... Find out more here.

#EMERGING KIND:A movement I am taking part in!

Emerging Kind is a project aiming to provide safe spaces for people to discuss their experiences and gain peer support. To find out more about Emerging Kind, please see hereI run a fortnightly group in Llandrindod Wells, Wales - if you live in the vicinity, do look me up.

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Leanne Heath from "Ecstatic Living"

One of my dearest friends and biggest teachers in recent years, Leanne Heath is an intuitive healer, an amazing clairvoyant and altogether fab person. With a great sense of humour Leanne has helped me "keep it real" through some of the toughest times in my life.


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