When I was young, I just couldn't get a handle on why I was on Earth. I felt useless and at odds with the world. I refused to join in with the life I saw around me, feeling it to be grey, dull, lifeless and constrained by the rules of other people that I didn’t agree with and yet I didn't know how to access this deep knowing inside me... As a result I tried job after job, copying people around me, all the time thinking, there is SO much more to life, but I didn’t know how to access it! 


Feeling lost and not at home at all, I followed my joy of dancing and sunk in to rave culture in my 20s after dropping out of University after a mega awakening experience, and I took jobs just to pay the bills. I've run a cafe, been a teaching assistant, taught the sax and maths, tried my hand at Accounting, care work and making up cycled clothes...  

All the while I felt at odds, like every one got to have their best life, and not me. I hid behind a HUGE ego, a persona everyone loved but I felt no-one ever knew the real me. I was hiding from life and myself! It was an infuriating place to be, one one hand craving a meaningful life, on the other, feeling unable to create change and trapped in a life I didn't want to lead. Hiding behind drug addiction and barely coping with my shyness and crippling energy extremes, I was felt stuck.   


In my late 20s I experienced a 2nd and 3rd awakening, and ended up in psychiatric hospital where I was force fed medication that felt like total body rape. My lack of power was crystallised as the nurses took away all choice I had of governing my own life.


Though I was in a confined place, my spiritual connection had grown, and I gained insights and deep knowing that led me to take 10 years of deep soul questing, inner journeying, reading and attending workshops. This helped me to balance my spiritual calling to be of service, and face my own demons that haunted me my whole life.


Now I happily balance my spiritual and physical life so I may grow as a soul, and invite others to do the same. I get to spend time in nature every day, I live in a beautiful gentle country town that feels like heaven, I'm at peace with my self and my family, and grateful for the chance to be here on Earth at this time. 

My passion is to empower awakening souls to live their truth, to let their love and creativity shine, as we co-create a NEW EARTH based on Love, compassion, empathy, unity consciousness. Living from our heart and soul allows our mind to bear witness as the one who takes the action and helps our body live our best truth.  


Working with me, you will connect with your Soul, face your demons with love, and befriend the fears and beliefs that have been holding you back, allowing you to step in to the life you were born to lead. The world needs YOU, and I hold a uniquely transformative space for you to connect with the Source of All, tapping in to the infinite well of love, wisdom and power that Creator brings to this Universe.  

"Caroline has been a total life saver. I feel totally safe with her to talk about anything and she has helped me gain clarity in areas of my life really quickly.

Her unique way of working has helped me to clear blockages and make big decisions with ease. Really looking forward to working with her in the future." 


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"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; suddenly you are doing the impossible." - Francis of Assisi